Who We Are

   Nusur Consulting emerged from the integration of experiences of elites who worked mostly as executives and consultants in various fields and specializations, to form an integrated and distinguished expertise house in the fields of investment, consultancy, business development and institutions, in the Middle East and North Africa, private and public in the various countries of that region for a constructive and fruitful integration that contributes to exploring opportunities, promoting their development, and exchanging ideas, expertise and experiences in a manner that achieves optimal benefits and values.

What Distinguishes Us

  These diverse capabilities and experiences allow us to provide innovative solutions and training programs that combine expertise and knowledge in the field of enterprise development and business management, and this is what distinguishes our services.


   The presence of Nusur Consulting Company in the Middle East and North Africa, through its partnerships in that rich and vibrant region, makes it an extension of the investment team of the client, allowing him to attend there with actual support, and at various and multiple levels; Make the security level meet the customer's desires.

Why Us?

   We believe that the success of our clients is our success; Therefore, we believe in professionalism and excellence in our work by maintaining high standards in our services and summon on high-level consulting teams in directing our services to take responsibility for achieving that distinction.

The Influence

   Through the services of other departments, Nusur Consulting in the fields of research, university services, training and development services, it allows the investor to provide a broader range of purely consulting services, for example: Training and development for the client's investment team, and providing best international practices to develop the client's organizational situation, work steps and procedures.